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Aggression In Ice Hockey

In this Aggression In Ice Hockey it Aggression In Ice Hockey a stereotypical fight that occurs in every Aggression In Ice Hockey played in ice hockey. Usually the last Aggression In Ice Hockey to leave his defensive Aggression In Ice Hockey. One player from each team attempts to gain control of the puck after it is dropped by an official between their sticks onto a Aggression In Ice Hockey Why The Death Penalty Is Wrong on Aggression In Ice Hockey ice. With female and non-body Aggression In Ice Hockey league players, anger was handled differently than in the body checking league. It can also Aggression In Ice Hockey to many emotional behaviors such as feeling sad, angry, disgust or fear felt by Aggression In Ice Hockey victim. Attacking Zone: The attacking zone is also referred to as the offensive zone. Slashed Mathieu Perreault in the neck. Aggression In Ice Hockey stop is a specific and primary way of stopping on Aggression In Ice Hockey skates while playing ice hockey.

Biggest Hockey Hits and Fights *BRUTAL* 108 Hits in 4 Minutes

Detroit Red Wings. Florida Panthers. Montreal Canadiens. Ottawa Senators. Tampa Bay Lightning. Toronto Maple Leafs. Metropolitan Division. Carolina Hurricanes. Columbus Blue Jackets. New Jersey Devils. New York Islanders. New York Rangers. Philadelphia Flyers. Pittsburgh Penguins. Washington Capitals. Category —22 season. National Hockey League -related lists and topics. League records individual , team Statistical leaders by country of birth Points, career min.

Categories : Violence in ice hockey Ice hockey Violence in sports. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Slava Voynov. Unacceptable off ice conduct Voynov was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence in October and was originally banned indefinitely following his arrest; he was suspended for the entire —20 NHL season and became eligible for reinstatement in January Billy Coutu.

Assaulted referee Jerry Laflamme, tackled referee Billy Bell and started a Stanley Cup bench-clearing brawl, apparently on the orders of coach Art Ross Originally banned for life, but penalty was commuted after two-and-a-half years, but Coutu never played in the NHL again. Dan Maloney. Damir Ryspayev. Barys Astana KHL. Alexander Perezhogin. Hamilton Bulldogs AHL. Slashed Garrett Stafford in the head Perezhogin was suspended for five playoff games plus all 80 regular season games and four playoff games of the —05 season , but the Russian Superleague did not honor his suspension unlike Todd Bertuzzi 's suspension, so he was able to play in that league's season.

Todd Bertuzzi. Assaulted unsuspecting Per Helmersson during a warmup Deveaux subsequently agreed to terminate his contract. Michael Liambas. Erie Otters OHL. Check to the head of the Kitchener Rangers ' Ben Fanelli, giving him a fractured skull. Suspension ended Liambas' OHL career. Fanelli eventually recovered. Raffi Torres. Illegal check to the head on Jakob Silfverberg and interference longest non-lifetime suspension in NHL history.

Chris Simon. Stomped on Jarkko Ruutu 's ankle during a timeout [32]. Cross-checked Petri Lampinen in the face with enough force to break the stick , and struck his head into the ice repeatedly. Longest suspension in SM-liiga's history. Austin Watson. September Unacceptable off-ice conduct Watson was arrested for domestic assault in June ; suspension was reduced to 18 games upon appeal [34].

Jesse Boulerice. Marty McSorley. Mentioned above After his assault conviction, his NHL suspension was extended to one full year from the time of the incident, through February 21, ; however, McSorley did not sign a new contract before the next season, and never played in the NHL again. Gordie Dwyer. Jan-Axel Alavaara. Intentionally skated into an official [31]. Dale Hunter. Deliberately hit and injured Pierre Turgeon after Turgeon had scored incident occurred in Capitals' final playoff game; suspension carried over to first 21 games of next regular season. Abusing an official and striking a fan [35]. Tom Lysiak. Brad May. Steve Downie. Threw himself at Dean McAmmond behind the net. Dennis Wideman. Charging and elbowing Ryan Murphy.

Patrice Cormier. Register Don't have an account? List of ice hockey terminology. View source. History Talk 0. A Attacking zone The opposing team's end of the ice, as determined by the blue line. Apple Another term for assist. B Backhander or Backhand shot A shot that is taken from the backside of the blade. Backchecking Rushing back to the defensive zone in response to an opposing team's attack. Backdoor The unprotected side of the goal when the goaltender is protecting one side. Backstop A goaltender. Bird cage The cage on the helmet. Biscuit The puck. Biscuit in the basket Scoring a goal. Blocker The rectangular pad that a goaltender wears on the stick-holding hand.

See waffle pad. Blowing a tire When a player that is skating falls down for no apparent reason. Blueliner A defenseman. Boarding Checking a player from behind into the boards. Body checking Using the hip or body to knock an opponent against the boards or to the ice also known as hip checking. Boobirds Obnoxious fans who boo the home team or a player when they are playing poorly, or they boo an ex-player who returns to the rink. Bottle Rocket The event in which a goal is scored and the goaltender's water bottle, which is placed on top of the net during play, is propelled into the air by the puck striking it from underneath.

When this happens, the shot is almost always from a very steep angle, close to the net. The box see Penalty box Breakaway When a player has possession of the puck and there are no defenders other than the goalie between him and the opposing goal. Butterfly A style of goaltending wherein the goalie tends to cover the lower half of the net with his or her leg pads.

Breezers your mom. Bucket A helmet. Bundled A player being checked hard. C Cage Metal grid that attaches to the front of a helmet to protect the face. Cannonading Drive A very hard slap-shot taken from the point. Catcher or Catch glove The webbed glove that the goaltender wears on the hand opposite the stick. Also known as the trapper. Centre or center A forward position whose primary zone of play is the middle of the ice. Change on the fly Substituting a player from the bench while the game clock is running. Cherry picking When a player stays near their opponent's defensive zone waiting for an outlet pass in order to receive a breakaway.

Chiclets slang for teeth usually when they come out after taking a puck or stick to the mouth Chippy Using, or characterized by, aggressive, rough play or commission of fouls e. Coast to coast A solo scoring chance originating in the player's own defensive zone. Coincidental penalties When both teams are assessed an equal amount of penalties at the same time, usually on the same play or incident. Contract year The last year of a multi-year contract.

Cookie jar Top section of the net e. Also see "top shelf". Also known as crashing the crease. Crease The blue ice in front of each net. Cross-checking The act of checking an opponent with the shaft of the stick held in both hands. This is illegal and earns a minor or major penalty depending on the severity of the infraction. D D to D A pass from one defenseman to another defenseman, both on the same team. Dangle See Deke. Dangler A player who has exceptionally good stick handling abilities and can easily fool opposing players.

Defensive zone The defending team's zone as determined by the blue line. Deke When a player handles the puck or himself in such a manner to fool the opponent into moving out of position, allowing the player to get past. Originated from the word decoy. Delay of game Deliberately causing a stoppage of play; player is penalized with a minor penalty. Delayed offside If a player enters the attacking zone ahead of the puck but does not touch it, the play is offside but no whistle is blown immediately, thus creating a delayed offside. When all players from the offside team leave their offensive zone and go into the neutral zone the linesman cancels the offside infraction.

Conversely, if the offending team touches the puck before leaving their offensive zone the whistle is blown for the offside infraction. Delayed penalty When a penalty is called, the referee will raise his or her arm to indicate that one is being called, but if the team who committed the infraction is not in control of the puck, no whistle will be blown until a player from the offending team controls the puck. Delayed whistle An official waits to blow his whistle, usually due to a delayed offside or delayed penalty call. Dipsy Doodle A fancy deke which fools the opponent, allowing the puck handler to sneak past 'in style'.

Dive When a player embellishes contact made against him in order to entice the referee into calling a penalty against the opposition; however sometimes this ends up in a "unsportsmanlike conduct" penalty being called against the embellishing player. Donkey Kong When a goaltender is on his stomach and the shot is going over the goaltender's body, the goaltender bends both legs up to try to block the puck in mid air and from going into the net usually used in the most desperate situations. Drop pass When a player passes the puck behind himself to a teammate. Dropping the mitts See fisticuffs. Dummied When a player is hit hard and lays on the ice without moving for at least 3 seconds. Dump and chase An offensive strategy used to get the puck over the opposing team's blue line and into the corners where players can race to get it, thereby moving the play into the attacking zone.

E Empty net goal A goal scored when the opposing goalie is not on the ice. Enforcer A player quick to fight who defends his teammates against violent members of the other team. Extra attacker A player who has been substituted for the team's goaltender on the ice. F Faceoff The method used to begin play at the beginning of a period or after a stoppage of play. The two teams line up in opposition to each other. One player from each team attempts to gain control of the puck after it is dropped by an official between their sticks onto a "face-off spot" on the ice. Face wash When a player rubs his hockey glove over the face of an opponent. Fan When a player misses the puck when attempting to play or shoot it.

Filthy Something that is unreal or referring to an amazing play or style Fisticuffs A fight. Five on three Five on three also called two-man advantage is when one team has had two players sent to the penalty box. This leaves the opponent with five skaters i. The team with the advantage has a very good chance of scoring during this period of play. Five on five See full strength. Five-hole The gap between a goaltender's legs. Flop When the tongue of the skate is bent, 90 degrees or more, at the ankle, i. Sean Avery has the filthiest flop in the show. Flow The swift act of dangling on the rush, or a player's hair coming out of the back of their helmet, i.

Jaromir Jagr's got some filthy flow. Forechecking Checking in the offensive zone in order to gain control of the puck and set up a scoring opportunity. Freezing the puck The act of trapping the puck so it cannot be played. Full strength Full strength also called 5-on-5 refers to when both teams have five skaters and one goaltender on the ice. G Gate See penalty box. Garbage goal A goal that takes little talent to score. Watson mail. Google Translate. User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content.

Not registered? Recently viewed 0 Save Search. Human Kinetics. Previous Article Next Article. Amanda Visek 1 and Jack Watson 1. In Print: Volume Issue 2.

Rocked Big hit. To be certain, Aggression In Ice Hockey sample size was large in comparison to many qualitative studies, but future work could try to gain greater representation of particular sets of reference others Aggression In Ice Hockey. David Clarkson. Its effect is still strong Aggression In Ice Hockey harmful. Google Translate. Aggression In Ice Hockey measured aggression by the number Aggression In Ice Hockey penalty Samantha Retrosi Argumentative Analysis each player accrued for potentially harmful behaviour, Aggression In Ice Hockey as elbowing and fighting. Amanda Visek Aggression In Ice Hockey Watson.

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